Case Study: Developer

Finishing on time, within budget and establishing good working relationships are vital requirements for a successful redesign venture. So, diligent developers must carefully consider the most suitable company for the job with strategic precision, for the best possible outcome for all parties involved. With this in mind, viiu’s ultra-slim sliding glass doors are quickly becoming the high-end renovation product of the moment, and even at a glance, it’s not difficult to comprehend why.

Angling for a specialist rear entrance option to enhance an extensive Putney based renovation project, after thoroughly exploring the market’s offerings, this particular developer chose the only viable option that could deliver the maximum amount of glass alongside cutting-edge technology; the ultra-slim symmetrical sightlines of viiu’s glazed sliding doors.

Completely remodelling the tired architecture, Mr Murphy’s enviable project was two years in before adding viiu’s ultra-slim sliding doors into the mix. Other than viiu’s breath-taking floor-to-ceiling aesthetics, the deciding factor that clinched the deal was the superb security features that these elegant, yet mighty doors could proactively offer this safety conscious developer. As the only ultra-slim sliding glass door to achieve the rigorous PAS 24:2016 security standard, the revolutionary ultra-strong ‘invisible’ electric locking mechanism and minimal framework combined with unbelievably slim yet tough laminated glass (included as standard) offered unrivalled security performance that simply couldn’t be overlooked.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the end result of this particular project offers the ideal balance between form and function, that the average glass sliding door simply cannot compete with. As one of the more affluent areas of London, this installation is located on the sought-after leafy streets of Putney. Seamlessly merging the indoors and outdoors together, this chic installation has created a sophisticated, secluded and desirable space that successfully offers what the majority of upscale Londoners aspire to own; exclusive ‘design without compromise.’

Fitted around Christmas time, this refined installation took just one week to complete; enabling the whole ground floor to be signed off for completion, much to the developer’s delight!


Exceeding expectations right across the board, the client confirmed: “I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The whole process was incredibly smooth, everyone knew what they were doing, and it was particularly useful how the surveyor tirelessly communicated with the builder to understand what was required; in terms of the opening and threshold requirements. Our ultra-slim sliding glass doors work really well - I’ll be sure to recommend them to everyone!”

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September 17, 2018

Case Study: Installer

Finishing on time, within budget and establishing good working relationships are vital requirements for a successful redesign venture. So, diligent...

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